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Tips On Sleeping Better In Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is undoubtedly an amazing experience to a woman. Similarly, it is the stage when one woman faces several changes. Some changes make you feel wonderful, but some changes will make you feel bitter. And in this list of changes, unfortunately changes that make you feel bitter are really many. As you are pregnant your uterus is getting bigger day by day, and most of the problems generates from this organ. Frequent visit to toilet, increase of heart beat, unstable physic, lack of quality sleep and many more complications start after the third month of pregnancy. Among all of these, the lack of quality sleep is a big problem. Here are some tips to have better sleep in pregnancy.

4 tips to sleep better

Use different types of pillows – Sometimes, you may not feel cosy while lying over the pillow. In that case, you need to buy the best maternity pillow, which provides enough support that you need while sleeping. While you have got pregnant, you need a proper shaped pillow which can give a support to your baby-bum.

You can also buy a nursing pillow as it will help you soon after you become a mom. In order to minimize the problem of heartburn buy those pillows which provide support on head and neck area. This type of pillows will help you to breathe without any obstacle and help to digest your food. Therefore, there is no chance for heartburn. But, if you have a chronic heartburn, then you must consult with doctor. You should not eat spicy and acidic foods in this time, as these types of foods create heartburn. Drink adequate amount of water – By avoiding your frequent visit in restroom you may have a quality sleep at night. To get rid of from this problem you can drink as much water as your body needs. Try to drink little water at night so that you need not to go to bathroom during your bed time. Whatever, with the advancement of your pregnancy, you can hardly avoid toilet at night.

Exercise – If you are feeling stressed and exhausted during this time, it will affect your baby. In that case, do little exercise regularly. Meditate for at least 1 hour in a day. If possible do some yoga poses; it will be beneficial in various ways that you ever imagine.Take help of technology – Having pain during leg cramp is a common problem during pregnancy. To get rid of this problem use gadgets. With the help of these gadgets, your legs and feet will be elevated. So, there will be less chance of cramp and pain.